Public Information Meeting and Discussion

The Village of Haverstraw is hosting a public meeting and discussion concerning a proposal from a residential developer to build affordable housing over 3 of the Village’s parking lots. This public meeting to be held on Tuesday, November 12th at 7:00pm at the Haverstraw Center, will find the developer Walison Corp, by its principal Sabah Rajput, discussing their proposal to partner with the Village to develop affordable housing.

Walison is proposing to build over the Village’s 2 parking lots at Maple Avenue and West Street, next to the main firehouse, as well as the Village Hall lot on Maple Avenue. The combined sites would yield 80-90 units of housing, provide sufficient parking to service those units, and retain the approximate number of off-street parking spaces as those presently provide. It is proposed that the Village and Walison would enter into a partnership arrangement that would provide an upfront payment to the Village, as well as a continuing income stream for the life of the partnership.

The Village would like to hear the concerns of the public, especially the adjoining neighbors, prior to deciding whether to join with Walison in this endeavor. Please join us on Tuesday, November 12th for this important meeting.