Positive Alternative Activities for Youth

Program Details

Straight To The Top – This program takes place during the academic year, and works with school-aged youth as a vehicle to improve school performance (not only academics but behavior). The program is designed to encourage young people to do their best and challenge them to appreciate education at an early age. It promotes perseverance and acknowledges the participating youths’ valiant efforts to improve both academically and socially.

JUMP Mentoring Program –  approximately 15-20 young people ages 9-16 are being seen weekly during the year in “mentoring groups” with adult mentors from the community. This program is run in conjunction with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rockland. The Jump Mentoring Program meets on Tuesday nights and is run in conjunction with the school calendar. It continues to be highly successful.

Homework Help – This program serves up to 65 children from 3rd grade up to 12th grade by providing daily after-school homework help. Every year the Haverstraw Center accommodates new students to give them an opportunity to participate.  Youth are bused from North Rockland schools to Haverstraw Center, are given a snack, complete their homework under the supervision and with academic assistance, and then are free to participate in Center activities. There is frequently a long waiting list for this program since there is a high demand for homework help in the community.

Monthly Youth Celebration – Caught Being Good – Each week individual staff members choose a participant at the Haverstraw Center who exemplifies good behavior. As a result of being chosen, a certificate with their name and the behavior cited is placed in the glass board for all to see in the downstairs hallway. At the end of the month, all the nominees are entered in a drawing where they are eligible to win prizes during the Caught Being Good Program. All Haverstraw Center participants birthdays are also celebrated and food and celebratory cake is served. The program is open to all of the youth participants at the Haverstraw Center. The program serves to reinforce positive behavior and has been a great success.