Mayor’s Message

A Message From The Mayor

2020 is here! Where did last year fly to? The Village is looking at a busy new year with plenty of activities and hopefully new projects on the burner. We are also celebrating the Village’s and the Haverstraw Fire Department’s 165 Anniversary. We’ll have more information on that as the year progresses.

The Village is looking great these days, and we want to encourage all homeowners, businesses and landlords to help us continue with the spruce up. With Spring around the corner, we should all strive to make our community a better place to live and enjoy. Perhaps a new coat of paint, new landscaping or something else to make each of our neighborhoods a little brighter should be the order of the day.

As we move into 2020, you’ll see that Ginsburg Development is now constructing the final phase of Harbors Haverstraw with 40 new condominium apartments on the waterfront being built. We are also in discussions with a developer who is interested in developing workforce and senior housing over two of our municipal parking lots. A third developer is looking at finally re-developing the long vacant Graziosi Building at 49 West Broad St. And finally, new owners are in the process of re-developing the old Ben Franklin (5&10) Building on Broadway, with apartments upstairs and new retail downstairs. This historic building, so iconic in our downtown, is the perfect venue for a great restaurant or entertainment venue. A creative entrepreneur could really turn that into a destination.

Haverstraw is also in the process of re-visioning itself. We are in the midst of an update of our Comprehensive Plan that provides a template for where we want to see the Village move over the next 5-10 years. (See more on this elsewhere in this newsletter)

Also, the Board is in the midst of creating a new imaging and marketing campaign for the Village to better showcase us to the rest of the world. We would like to gather people interested in showcasing the Village in a new way. If you, or someone you know, are interested, please reach out to me by phone or email to let me know. We’re lucky to have many creative minds in the Village, and we’d like to utilize them.

The Haverstraw Brick Museum has been revitalized and renovated and is looking for a Spring reopening. They should be having several great new rotating exhibits this year, including the celebration of the aforementioned 165th anniversary of the Village and Fire Department and more on the people who made the brick industry successful here in Haverstraw.

Events throughout the year will include Dancing Under the Stars in June and August, our annual Juneteenth celebration, Rockland County Pride’s Pride Sunday, the Town’s 4th of July celebration, the annual Latin Festival and Parade, the grand re-opening of the Haverstraw Brick Museum, the Haverstraw Food Crawl, the Haverstraw Riverwide Arts & Music Festival, Holidays in Haverstraw and more. And returning June through November will be the Haverstraw Farmers’ Market on Sundays right across from Village Hall on Maple Avenue.

Haverstraw Happenings, the title of our newsletter, is very appropriately named. Things are always happening in our village. Know what’s happening in your community by liking us on Facebook, or signing up with us on Constant Contact and with our IRIS alert system.

Lastly, we all share this great big world and this small little village. If everyone were just a little more conscious of and considerate of each other, be a little more neighborly, and treat each other with a little more respect and understanding, this could be a great place to live work and play all the time. Let’s make 2020 healthy, safer and friendlier for everyone.


Michael F. Kohut