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Haverstraw Adelante

Local Waterfront Revitalization Program Update & Comprehensive Plan: Climate Smart Planning for the 21st Century

Thank You to Our Community Members

The Village of Haverstraw extends its deepest gratitude to all residents and businesses who participated in our Comprehensive Planning Process. Your valuable insights and feedback have been instrumental in shaping the future of our community.

Explore the Plan

We are excited to share the outcomes of this collaborative effort. Please visit the Village of Haverstraw Climate Action & Sustainability Center to access the documents and resources that have emerged from this process. Here, you will find detailed information on our community vision, our plans for downtown revitalization, local economic development, conservation of our natural and historic resources, transportation improvements, strategies to address climate change and extreme weather, and much more.

Get Involved

Our journey towards a sustainable and resilient Haverstraw continues, and your involvement is crucial. We invite you to join the local Sustainability Committee to play an active role in our ongoing efforts related to climate action, environmental work, and community resilience. Take a look through our educational resources and campaigns, and don’t miss our Road to 2030 story & waste campaigns! Your participation will help us build a stronger, more sustainable future for Haverstraw.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

If you dream of growing old in Haverstraw and envision a brighter future for the next generation, we encourage you to get involved. Together, we can create a community that not only meets our needs today but also secures a thriving and sustainable environment for our children.

Thank you once again for your commitment to our community. Let’s continue to work together to make Haverstraw a great place to live, work, and grow.

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