Community Solar



The Village of Haverstraw is proud to be one of the founding members, along with five other Rockland municipalities, of a collaborative municipal program called Rockland Community Power.  This program aims to bring 100% renewable energy to our community, while also lowering costs and strengthening consumer protection.

Now this program is about to launch.  In two weeks, most Village residents and small businesses will receive a mailing from the Village about this program.  This program is in addition to the Community Solar program, lowering your costs still more.

Join us on Saturday, September 12, at 11 a.m. to learn more and get answers to your questions:


Learn how you save money with clean energy through your community program.

Saturday, Sept. 12, 11 am – 12 pm

Join us online at:

Or call 1-415-655-0001

Meeting ID or Access Code: 126 786 5892

Password: 38728246 from phones


What is Rockland Community Power?

Rockland Community Power is a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program, a buying group through which village residents and small businesses can purchase electricity sourced by clean energy.  New York State promotes CCA in order to foster the growth of clean energy, lower costs, and strengthen consumer protection.  CCA programs currently serve over 25 million people in 8 states.

Rockland Community Power currently includes six communities: Clarkstown, Orangetown, and the villages of Haverstraw, Nyack, South Nyack, and Upper Nyack.  When the program launches this fall, over 36,000 local households will have the opportunity to transition to clean energy, helping to ensure cleaner air and a safer environment for our families, while also reducing costs.


Why is the Village of Haverstraw participating in the Rockland Community Power program?

The Village of Haverstraw is among the environmental leaders in Rockland County.  Now, along with five other municipalities, our community is leading the way to a greener and cheaper energy future. New York State has set ambitious goals to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.  Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) helps us take one big step toward meeting those goals and reducing our carbon footprint as a community, while also reducing costs.

The benefits of CCA include:

  • Cost savings
  • 100% renewable energy
  • Consumer protection from predatory suppliers
  • More community choice and more choice for individual consumers


Can I opt out?

Yes, you can always opt out of the program easily and at any time and with no penalty.  If you are a current Orange & Rockland (O & R) customer, you should receive an official letter from Mayor Michael Kohut in September, welcoming you to the program.  This letter will explain the program and will list your options.  If you do nothing, you will be automatically transferred to the default community renewable energy program, will start after thirty days.   O & R will remain as your utility, delivering energy, maintaining power lines and billing customers.


Can I participate if I am not an O & R customer?

If you purchase your electricity supply from an alternative energy supplier and wish to participate in the CCA program, you’ll need to enroll through an online enrollment form. We recommend that you first check your supply contract or contact your supplier to determine if you will be subject to an exit fee.


What’s the difference between CCA and Community Solar?

In the last few weeks, you should have received an official letter from the village about the Community Solar program, also offered through Rockland Community Power.  Rockland Community Power’s Community Solar and CCA programs work well together to save you money and support renewable energy. You can increase your cost savings by combining the benefits of both programs.  Community solar provides approximately 10% additional electricity bill savings, in addition to likely savings through CCA.

In order to participate in the Community Solar program, you must enroll by calling (845) 859-9099, ext. 4.  You do not need to take action to participate in CCA.  We encourage you to participate in both programs.

For more information about Rockland Community Power or CCA, please visit or call (845) 859-9099.  You can also contact your Community Coordinator at