Celebrating Jacqui Sanders - Black History Month 2024 post featured image

Jacqueline Sanders, affectionately known as Jacqui, is a beacon of dedication and service within the Haverstraw community. Her professional journey began in 1985 at the Rockland Psychiatric Center, where she devoted 27 years, demonstrating steadfast commitment and expertise. In 2016, Jacqui ventured into a new domain with the Rockland County Legislature, initially serving as a Sr. Committee Clerk before swiftly ascending to the role of Legislative Analyst.

Jacqui’s dedication extends beyond her professional endeavors, deeply rooted in her spiritual life at Calvary Baptist Church. Over the years, she has embraced various roles within the church community, including Church Clerk, Usher, Choir member, and actively participating in numerous church auxiliaries.

In 2017, Jacqui embarked on yet another fulfilling journey by joining the Haverstraw African American Connection (HAAC). Her fervent passion for uplifting Haverstraw’s youth and broader community quickly earned her the position of President of HAAC Kids. Under Jacqui’s guidance, the children have developed a profound appreciation for history, community, the arts, and the importance of nurturing relationships across diverse ethnic groups. Jacqui’s vision and collaborative spirit have led to fruitful partnerships with other non-profits, churches, and temples across the county, enriching the children’s exposure to cultural events, theatre, sporting events, and various recreational activities.

A staunch advocate for equality and diversity, Jacqui believes in treating all children with fairness, regardless of their race, religion, or social status. Her relentless efforts and commitment have been instrumental in realizing HAAC’s vision of establishing an after-school program catering to unsupervised children, offering them a safe and nurturing environment.

In her leisure time, Jacqui’s love for life shines through her enjoyment of food, music, dancing, and reading. Her creative flair is evident in her role in designing and sewing unique, afro-centric uniforms for HAAC kids, instilling pride and confidence in the children during their performances.

Jacqui’s profound impact on HAAC and the broader community is immeasurable. She truly embodies the essence of leadership as described by John Quincy Adams: inspiring others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more. Jacqui Sanders is not just a leader but a cherished pillar of the Haverstraw community, whose legacy of compassion, dedication, and service continues to illuminate the path for many.